We can't wait to feature your art!

LUX Art Gallery ( A Division of Juan And Co (Pty) Ltd) is a new and innovative online art gallery, aimed to bring original South African Arts and Artists to the world.  

With the current global epidemic and the restraint of trade in many sectors, as Visual and Fine Arts Artists, we don’t have to back down.

Because of our innovative online strategy and campaigns, backed with our extraordinary team of online digital and marketing experts, who too have knowledge of the ARTS, be sure to know that you can still be represented and sell your masterpieces to the world.


Terms on Submission:

 – Please complete the form below and hit submit.  Our team from LUX Art Gallery will be in contact with you.

 – On acceptance of your application, we’ll setup an online meet and greet and explore some of your art that you’d like to exhibit.

 – LUX Art Gallery is an online only art gallery and market, showcase and sell arts, from consignment.

 – LUX Art Gallery takes a percentage (%) commission of the retail price.  There is no joining fee’s for the artist, nor any marketing/admin or any other hidden fees.  You simply have to provide us with up to 10 original art pieces and leave the rest to us to sell.

 – Once accepted, you will be represented by LUX Art Gallery globally, for the pieces selected to be consigned to us.  You are welcome to still trade in your own/company capacity, however not with the art pieces that you have agreed to consign to LUX Art Gallery.

 – Once accepted, a general consignment agreement is entered into and we are ready to go and market your pieces.

 – We take pride in all our artists and their original arts and art forms. We strive to protect the rights, the copyright and artistic freedom of our artists.

 – You have to be willing to provide LUX Art Gallery with a small biography of yourself as the artist.

 – All photographs of art to be supplied to LUX Art Gallery, in high def PNG/JPG formats no larger than 1MB.  We’ll ensure that the backgrounds are removed prior to uploading the art.

Complete your details below and our team will be in touch with your application!

Please specify company details, registration number and physical address if you apply in a company name.