I am belmiro jemusse

contemporary african artist

Belmiro was born in Mozambique as ‘Belmiro Antonio Jemusse’ on March 16, 1976. He moved to South Africa in 2003 to practice as a full-time artist and to escape what he describes as “limitations in Mozambique” art scene. He studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Artist Proof Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa and privately in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Belmiro has participated in a number of solo and curated group exhibitions. He has produced a number of art series: “Africa, Back to the Future” (featured in his debut solo Exhibition), “Fragments”, “Finding The Inner Child”, “Supermom”, “Under The Moonlight (which was featured in a solo exhibition in 2012)”, “Saudade”, “Propagation” and recently “Dreams and Shadows” (Currently on display with LUX ART GALLERY).

His artworks are characterized by myth, humour, nostalgia and inquisitiveness.

Belmiro’s artworks can be found in collections across South Africa, Mozambique, USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Germany, France and Dubai, to name a few.

Jemmiro Art Contemporary African Art



‘I am inspired by daily questions and answers, human expressions and beauty; the unreliable world we live in; human life and humour, fantasies and dreams. I paint/ draw imaginary figures; some suggested, some realistic; I enjoy abstraction and placing these figures in evocative surreal atmospheres, which allows for primeval myths to surface; their humour and questions. I manipulate the subject or the placement of the subject in most of my paintings, in order to bring out the elements mentioned above: myth, humour and questioning.

I also, often, use undefined shapes, which I achieve by approaching line, shape and tones in an abstract manner. I like to draw the eye into the depths of the painting; into strange, dreamy, mythological spaces; to afford the viewers moments of fantasy, and pleasure; to provoke emotions and feelings! Sometimes nostalgia surface.

In most of the work I use mixed medium (combination of Acrylic and oil paint and in some cases oil pastels) – I believer each medium has its own benefit when it comes to create certain effects – and thus, allow me to bring/add some “magic” to my paintings.

In this particular series entitled, Dreams and Shadows I talk about my personal life, how dramatic sometimes it turned – moments of evasive fear, nostalgia, uncertainty, yet with a deemed light surfacing from the depth of the tunnel – circumstances that helped me build courage and confidence and, somehow, shaping my character to face it all with love. And the Love can be found, in most of my work, in the form of a woman evading and taking place as subject – she comes in as a metaphor to emphasise the motherhood/endurance of my thriving.

In the work I also try to voice up the struggle that is constantly raising these days in trying to “fit in”, and the question of whether it’s necessary or not. With the today’s light of the media, with the emphasis to social media, how can one escape the trend and build his/her own voice? Or should we just be content to look at the world from the same angle, speak the same intellectual dialect, or gathering the same dusty thoughts? This and other questions flow throughout my work and bring forth an understanding that we are all unique in a way as the works are, and the individual interpretation of the work by the viewer add to a stimulation of how beautiful the world could be if we all exercise that freedom/gift.

The predominant colour in my paintings is blue, for its elasticity when it comes to depth. The colour blue, somehow, says a lot about my personality as well as it gives me needed tranquillity to peacefully penetrate in the depth of what I am creating and enjoy different feelings and emotions it provokes.

In most of my work you will find texture in form of fine parallel lines in an abstract way, which randomly flow on the surface of the painting in different directions. This comes in to highlight the drama’.