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The best parts of my life story revolves firstly around having art as a guard to my principles, then being the nature of my thought pattern aswell as a purpose, my life has been and still is influenced entirely by art.

I was born in Limpopo, at a place called Dennilton. Growing up I had a low self esteem and anxiety issues due to certain complexities laid in social perceptions and ideologies. A segregation led to self-isolation and eventually an emotional imbalance, having the trouble of levelling the feelings, I turned to art which served as a neutraliser at first, then became a diary, which led to art being my guidance counsellor.

I studied art in Pretoria, which is where I first encountered the existence of art as an environment rather than it being an expression in my life, then ventured further into the cosmos of art, which drew out a purpose of being an artist. Although I met several challenges that swept me away from my path of being an artist, the purpose never changed and instead of drifting away from the path, I took the challenging path I was facing and I moulded discipline around it, so that I could take it as steps to my purpose of being an artist.

The mediums I’m currently using are acrylic paint that allows me to explore the portion of singularity and individuality by placing splashes of colours that laid isolated yet combined to create a figure, aswell as spray paint that creates 3D effects on the canvas yet they are flat. These processes are influenced by my experiences aswell as the social behaviours in-terms of self- preservation and understanding individuality and self-dependence, in which I aim to convey the importance of self-worth.

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Art means a lot of different things to many people, though the common influence of art to everyone is a social construct, it builds, patches, replaces, fixes and creates bridges between differences, from an early age art has been a mentor and friend till today though the relationship has matured, the work I create are both about introspection and extrospection, the work unravels the journey of life through the perspective of individuals, the work can be both harsh with emotions or bright and blissful.

In the current works I’m dealing with self-care or self-preservation, it can be in terms of external principles such as morals and discipline or internal character building, though the words independence and connection stands out the most in the works.

Mediums used are currently acrylics paints and spray paint, with which the acrylic paint based on the method used they symbolize the idea of individuality in the state of social influence, I use my fingers to splash the paint over the canvas creating individual lines that as a collective make a colorful image, other splashes on some figures look like electrical copper wires or that highlights the idea of connection, while else with spray paint it creates a form of beautiful imperfections, like patches on a figure or an illusion of 3d bumps on the figures detailing the idea of immeasurable journey of self-discovery and the depression behind the journey, basically humble beginnings and the marks of identity that we collect along the way.

Although only two mediums are mentioned, my practice doesn’t limit the creation based on the mediums, because I find that different topics need different mediums to be conveyed properly.