I am Tivani Ernest Mabulele

contemporary african artist

Tivani Ernest Mabulele was born in Elim hospital, Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, South Africa. Attended high school at Lemana High.

Matriculated in 2012, he then focused on his passion for art
and started learning independently through reading books, online, visiting galleries and asking his friends, family and acquaintances  for feedback (crit).

In 2019 he was nominated by the state of art as one of the top 25 artists for people’s choice awards which he came second. Later that year he was part of the top 100
artworks selected by Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards. He is
currently in persue of a professional visual artist career.

To find a gallery that will give him a chance to exhibit and share his craft with the world.

contemporary african art for sale

emotions and memories


‘I am an imminent Visual story teller that manifests emotions, views, past and goals through the use of charcoal and acrylic paint. Giving light to the beauty of South Africa’s natural landscapes and how most people’s childhood looked. My work aims to evoke memories and to help people appreciate our beautiful country’.